2018 Presidio GL/SDDA


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The Presidio Season will begin September 9th and the last season play date will be November 18th.
Game Roster Printing and Score Reporting Directions
  1. To Print Rosters and Report Game Scores you must have a Log In
    and Password. If you do not have one you must email your
    Leagues Registrar with your log in and password and they can set you up.
  2. To Print Roster:
    a.   First Log In to Presidio from the fields on the Left Hand Side of this page or Click on the Gaming Tab at the top of the page.
    b.   Next to your team Name, click on Schedules/Game Scoring
    c.   On the Schedule for Aug 28 click on the Print Roster Button
    d.   You are going to Print 3 pages
  3. Presidio League Game Rules and Officials Duties
  4. Presidio League Gaming Roster Instruction
  5. Game Roster
    • Across the top of the Rules Page are 4 buttons and then 1 of 3 and 2 more buttons.
    • The 3rd button from the left is the print button.
    • Click on the print button and then click all, then print.
    • A file Download Window pops up. Click on open.
    • Adobe Reader will open, click on the Printer Icon.
    • This will print all 3 pages.
    • Then print a 2nd copy of the Game Card for your records.
    • Do Not PRINT from the BROWSER ICON!!!!!!!!!
To Report Game Scores
  1. Log into the Presidio website.
  2. Click on Schedules/Game Scoring.
  3. Click on the Score Box next to your team name for the game just completed.
  4. A window opens up. Complete the information for the game.
  5. Make sure you report all Yellow and Red Cards for both teams.
  6. Click on the Save Stats button.
  7. You are finished.
To Clear Contested Game Scores and or Cards
  1. Log into the Presidio website.
  2. Click on Schedules/Game Scoring for the appropriate Team.
  3. On the schedule find the Contested Game.
  4. The Contested Game will show either C(s) for Contested Score or C(c) for Contested Card.
  5. Click on the Score box and a Stats window will appear with two tabs Home team and Visitor.
  6. You will be able to adjust the information for either the Home team or Visitor depending on if your team was the Home or Visitor Team.
  7. Correct the information for the game.
  8. Click on the Save Stats button.
  9. If your information matches the opponent team information the Contested identifier will be removed.
  10. You are finished.
Adding Jersey Numbers to Roster
  1. Log into Presidio web site.
  2. Next to team Name Click Edit.
  3. Click on Player Roster Tab.
  4. Scroll to the Right, Click on the Edit Player Team Info Button.
  5. Add Jersey Numbers.
  6. Click on the Save Changes Button.

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